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Music NEWS!!!!!

AHHHHHHH!!!!! According to The NIN Hotline the TAPEWORM project is finished (Those of you who don't know what that is... It's a side project that features Trent Reznor AND Maynard James Keenan). The sit also says that Trent reznor is working on the new NIN album, and perfecting the upcoming "Closure" DVD! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Iron Maiden's next single will be released on November 24th! The song is called "Rainmaker". A cd and a DVD will be released. Click the Link for more info!

The black/viking folk Metal band Ensiferum that I have liked for a while finally have an official web site that isn't stupid lol. I don't think anyone really knows about this band, and I can't find thier cd in any store... so yeah lol. BUT... They are good... If you like Black Metal! So... Visit thier site, and see what you think!

Ok... That wraps up "MUSIC NEWS" for now!
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