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MOVIE NEWS!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! The Man himself... George A. Romero (The Creator of "Night Of The Living Dead", "Dawn Of The dead", and "Day Of The Dead") was interviewed... and he had GREAT NEWS! lol.

ROMERO: "I have a finished script for a fourth Dead film and I'm trying like hell to get it sold. We're talking to Fox Searchlight about it, there is a little impasse over the title. I'm hoping that will either go away or we'll go somewhere else with it and try to get it made. Right now it's a fairly expensive film, not by Hollywood standards, but it would probably be about 9 or 10 million to do it as a I wrote it. And if that becomes impossible I'll cut it back like I did with Day of the Dead
somehow because I would really like to make it."

YAY!!!!! The 4th DEAD MOVIE!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Im So Excited!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, In "Resident Evil: Apocolypse" news... It is gonna be a while before we see that movie come out!! According to the web site, it is coming out on September 24th, 2004! Damn... Thats a while away!
Click Here For More Info On RE: Apocolypse!
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